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Dr. Revive IV Therapy & Pain Clinic (Woodland Hills)<br />We pride ourselves in having a Professional, experienced team of certified health care specialists who attend to patients in a compassionate low-stress environment.<br />Dr. Mano Shanaa with more than 20 years of experience.<br />Providing personalized hydration and vitamin/mineral therapies. IV (intravenous) and IM (Intramuscular Injections) Many options to choose from,<br />NAD, B12, Glutathione, Vitamin C+, B-Complex, B6, Amino Acid - Lysine, and many more.<br /><br />List of services :<br />Vitamin IV Therapy<br />Vitamin IV Drips<br />Vitamin Injections<br />PRP Hair restoration<br />Interventional Pain Procedures Under X-Ray Guidance<br />Epidural Steroid Injections<br />Medial Branch Blocks / Facet Joint Injections<br />Radiofrequency Nerve Ablations<br />Major Joint Injections (Knee, Hip, Shoulder)<br />PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) For Tendon and Ligament Injury<br />Occipital Nerve Blocks. <br />Testosterone Replacement Therapy<br />Growth Hormone Stimulation <br />Sexual Health Enhancement<br />NAD - Anti Aging